0445120354 Injection Welcomes The Awakening of Insects

Awakening of Insects is the third solar term in the twenty-four solar terms in traditional China. Animals and insects have been hiding in the soil since winter. hibernate. At this time, most parts of China enter the spring plowing season.


For this Awakening of Insects,00445120354.com’s product promotion is 0445120354 injection. The following contents are introduction of 0445120354 injection and how to buy it.


0445120354 Injector Common Written

For the same product, it has different common written in different countries. Usually, 0445120354 is written as follows :

00445120354 0986435650 51 10100 6180 51101006180 0 445 120 354
0 986 435 650 51101009180  0445 120 354 0986 435 650 0 0445120354


0445120354 Injector Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of injector  for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you buy injector s, we believe the following information on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.

Type  CRIN3-18 Series injector
Part Number 0445120354
 Applicable For diesel Engine:

D 2676 LOH31

For Car Model 51101006180
00445120354 Injector Size  28cm*7 cm *7 cm
00445120354 Injector Net Weight 0.55kg


Above are basic information for 0445120354 injector , if you are interested in more details of 0445120354, please check:

0445120354 Technical File:https://www.0445120354.com/diesel-fuel-injector-0445120354-pdf/

0445120354 Video:

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0445120354 Encyclopedia:https://www.0445120354.com/common-rail-0445120354-injector-encyclopedia-knowledge/


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How To Buy 0445120354.com’s 0445120354 Fuel Injector

Customers only need 4 steps to purchase 0445120354 Fuel Injector injector on 00445120354.com.

. Contact us and fill in your request in the form.

. 0445120354.com contacts you to confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

. 0445120354.com delivers your purchase products.

0445120354.com will arrange one on one customer service when you purchase injectors from us. After customers receive 0445120354 Fuel Injector within 15 days , customer can send it back to replace or repair if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the injectors’ surface.

And 0445120354.com provides 6-12 months warranty for 0445120354 Fuel Injector.