Test Report

Product quality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing common rail injector. Because the quality of the common rail injector is related to the normal operation of the entire engine and car.

 We know that wear or failure of injector is likely to affect the starting of the car engine, oil return, full load point, pressure build-up and bring a series of influences, even may lead to failure of the car.

Therefore, choosing a well-tuned and durable injector can better improve the performance of the car through the good working of the injector. The brands of common rail injectors are divided into domestic and imported, due to production process, testing technology and equipment different, there are some differences of quality. At the same time, when choosing a brand, it is necessary to survey its market reputation.

Since product quality is so important, injector0445120354 has made it priority in our services. And  as injector0445120354 has a mature business system, we are able to satisfy our customers many requirements, including providing professional test report before the injector are sent out to our customers, the report content contains every working conditions of the injector and data such as precision, high temperature, low temperature, withstand pressure, leakage and durability to show if each test value meets working demands.  

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